Kenwood ts 590 rigpix

Kenwood rigs present relatively few problems in interfacing to Heil products. Kenwood HF transceivers have long been designed for dynamic microphone inputs, so the microphone amplifier stages have plenty of gain to accommodate the wide range of Heil dynamic microphones.

These are our recommendations. For best results please consult your owners manual. HT 3-pin 3. Heil Sound is investigating interfacing issues on these models at the present time. Several Kenwood rigs have DSP and other settings that will allow the operator to adjust the response of the radio to your speech input from the microphone.

KENWOOD TS-590s ALC Problem

These are easy to adjust in seconds. TS Menu 13 Bandwidth : 2. That will be good for starters. Ultimately, though, much of the fun of acquiring a new radio is the experimentation with its many features.

Read the operating manual, especially on page 32, and then try out the many available bandwidths and equalization possibilities. Menu 00 : Adjustment Level Menu. Skip to main content Skip to primary sidebar Microphone Connection Basics Kenwood rigs present relatively few problems in interfacing to Heil products. Pin It on Pinterest. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website.

If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it.Page of 92 Go. Quick Links. This equipment requires a licence and is intended for use in the countries below. Table of Contents. The use of the warning symbol means the equipment is subject to restrictions of use in certain countries. We recommend you unnecessary repetition. Immediately turn the power OFF and remove the power cable. Contact a Kenwood service station or your dealer for advice. Page 9: Chapter 1 Installation Use heavy gauge wire or a copper strap, cut as short as possible, for this connection.

Do not use a gas pipe, an electrical conduit, or a plastic water pipe as a ground. The following fuses are used in the TSS transceiver.

Automatic Gain Control function is ON. The 2 Press [ ] to switch the transceiver ON. With the squelch level in the table below. The S-meter and FILTER scales correctly set, you will hear sound only while actually appears when the transceiver is in receive mode, and receiving signals. QUICK MENU Many functions on this transceiver are selected or Because the number of functions this transceiver configured via a software-controlled Menu, rather than provides is extraordinary, there are numerous items through the physical controls of the transceiver.

Once in each Menu. IN] or [Q-MR]. SEL ] to select your desired character. Compared with other voice UHF frequencies. Page Am Transmission FM mode. In CW mode, this level cannot be adjusted. Select an appropriate delay time for after the audio Excessively compressed signals are more signal input to the ACC2 or USB connector ends.

The following sub-sections provide information that will help you tailor your transmission signal. You can also change the interval playback time of the message. It was originally designed for use with again to quit this function.

Kenwood digital signal processing DSP technology is adapted to this transceiver.QRZ Forums. I bought the radio in March last year and is very happy with itexcept for the low talk power and ALC overshoot problemsand my warranty is running out. Thank you very much Johan ZS1B.

ZS1BJan 30, That is one of the reasons why so many of them are being sold and not that old either. In the last month or so have seen at least for sale used. N0AZZJan 30, I know the latest firmware upgrade for the TS has been well received. You should have version 1. Hope this helps 73 Gary. KO6WBJan 30, Hello Gary i did the 1. Thanks Johan ZS1B ZS1BJan 31, Hi Johan, you may need to contact Kenwood and see if they have an answer to this.

This is the first posting that reflected a problem with the firmware update. I am wondering if you could revert back to the 1. You must have saved the 1. If you did overwrite it then you will probably have to get it from Kenwood. Just read some of the reviews of the TSS and found this. Last edited: Jan 31, KO6WBJan 31, Thanks for coming back to me Gary ,i saw that story that oldman Dietmar wrote but if i do that myself then the radio will never work again will rather get someone who know how to do it, i tried it on my TS 50 had to send it to kenwood agent for reprogramming.

Hello Gary i went into my brains and did the reprogramming as oldman Dietmar did and now this radio performs like a Kenwood very happy now.

I had to make up the adjustment jig with the 13 pin plug and it works like a bomb thanks for the info.

kenwood ts 590 rigpix

ZS1BFeb 2, Last edited: Feb 22, QRZ Forums. Nothing wrong with the Yaesu, I just want to try something new. I understand that the ALC overshoot issue has been resolved. Was there software updates for the TSS that solved that issue?

Most of my operating will be SSB. Or am I better off putting the money towards new golf clubs? VE3PPNov 29, I think the ALC issue is a hardware problem so the firmware update will not resolve it.

Your amp won't trip because of it. If you had an SS amp that is well protected, it may trip. Some other tube amps that are well protected may also trip but your Ameritron amp won't trip. If I were looking for aI would only look at the SG, but that's not to say that the S model is junk Good luck with your when you get it. Barry, KU3X www.

KU3XNov 29, When the SG model came out it had that as weel as some filter enhancements. K9ASENov 29, The only reason to part with it is because of its age. I think I will keep it until it dies. My ICmobile radio just quit.After reading through the following explanations, feel free to download and install the software.

Operating Environment 1. Peripheral Devices USB 2.

kenwood ts 590 rigpix

The PC will detect new hardware. The installation of the device driver software will start automatically. If a reboot request appears, please reboot the PC. Right-click [Computer], then click [Properties].

KENWOOD TS-590SG short demo

Click [Device Manager] in the displayed window. This means that COM3 is assigned for the connection with the transceiver. Select this port number in the configurations for communication in the software you are using. The port displayed with the number 1 is the virtual COM Standard port of the transceiver. The port displayed with the number 2 is the virtual COM Enhanced port of the transceiver. Please also refer to the TSS Instruction manual for details.

All Things Kenwood

If you agree with the details listed above, click one of the following links corresponding to each OS to download the virtual COM port driver installation program. The URL link is subject to change. Global Site. Operating Environment. Installing the virtual COM port driver. Connecting the device to a PC. Turn the transceiver power ON, then connect it to a PC via a connection cable for the transceiver. Confirming the COM port number.

Open the "Device Manager" to confirm which COM port number is assigned for connection with the device.

kenwood ts 590 rigpix

You can also download the latest and earlier versions virtual COM port driver installation program from the Silicon Laboratories website.We are offering the firmware updating program to the TSS owners. The firmware updating program is not applicable for the TSSG.

The TSS is no longer in production. The firmware updating program Ver. Attention Updating the firmware from Ver. Updated item : Version 2. When connected to another transceiver for Split Transfer operation, the power may not be turned off correctly depending on the timing. Set both of the Menu No. The internal antenna tuner may not work correctly under certain conditions. After changing the operating mode, the Split-frequency function might not work correctly.

Updated items : Version 1. Enables use of the new Split-frequency function for quick split operations. For example, press [5] key for "5kHz Up", or press [0], [5] keys for "5kHz Down". If the specified frequency is lower, [0] must be prefixed to the frequency. The status can be set separately in HF and 50MHz band.

Enables deleting CW message memories by each memory channel. Enables announcement of the type of the transmission meter. Enables deleting Voice messages from a PC. The following symptoms are revised. If the radio is in split-frequency operation and a PC command of Band Change is sent to the transceiver, the transceiver will sometimes not transmit.

Band memory may not be backed up correctly in VFO B. Just after returning to receive mode in CW semi break-in operation, the SWR meter level might become high for a moment.

When changing the memory frequency temporary, auto zero-beat CW tune function might not work correctly. Improves desensing level caused by strong out-of-passband signals on up-conversion bands. Changes the time constant of the ALC meter and the Speech Processor compression meter from 50ms to ms.

Just after an AT tuning is completed, the S meter level might become high for a moment. Cannot record CW messages correctly when the built-in electronic keyer is set to Mode A.

The function works when Menu No. For example, "CP " or "AP " appears on the sub-display while temporary repeating the message in channel 1. The same interval time is applied as the value which is set in Menu No. The funciton is not available to activate by a PC command.

The following symptom is revised. Reduces the minimum volume of the beep sound. Reduces the minimum volume of the TX monitor. At the end of TX tune mode, carrier output returns to normal mode level after a short delay.

When the built-in electronic keyer is set to Mode A, CW keying may not work properly. TX rise time power spike activates some linear amplifiers' input power protections.

The firmware Ver. When Menu No.They are available from a couple dozen places in China. I have no idea what vendor I bought mine from several years ago. This is just an example, not a recommendation or endorsement:. From: TSS groups. I have tried one of the Chinese modules. Have also installed the Kenwood genuine part. In regular use I cannot hear any difference. This cannot be undone. The Group moderators are responsible for maintaining their community and can address these issues.

Report to Groups. This includes: harm to minors, violence or threats, harassment or privacy invasion, impersonation or misrepresentation, fraud or phishing. Note: Your email address is included with the abuse report. I have Chinese dont notice any drift in ft8. Wayne Newport. Are you sure you wish to delete this message from the message archives of TSS groups. Cancel Yes. Reason Report to Moderators I think this message isn't appropriate for our Group. Cancel Report. The new topic will begin with this message.

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