Bernina ruler set

Hi everyone! As you all know, rulerwork is all the rage right now. Basic shapes like circles and straight lines can make a myriad of different designs. One of my favorite things about teaching at many BERNINA stores across the US, is the opportunity to see people discover the creative possibilities rulerwork adds to their quilting arsenal.

I used. Ready to get started? You can download the first set of instructions here. If you would like to see more quilting tutorials, please join me on my Facebook Group, Quilting with Amanda Murphyand also keep an eye out for me here on WeAll ew! Thank you! I was so glad to hear your comment about the lack of lines on the Bernina rulers. Hopefully, Bernina is listening — a few more lines on all of their rulers would be very helpful to the quilter.

The lack of lines, horizontal, vertical and diagonal was one of the first things I noticed. It makes the rulers harder to use — more time consuming to stop and apply tape and reapply for all the different increments and the diagonals would really have helped immensely in lining up the rulers, too. No ruler will have every line you need, so feel free to put in additional lines yourself.

Sometimes, when you are beginning, too many lines can be confusing. Other times you want more. You begin to know which rulers would be most helpful to our quilting. People always ask me what types of rulers to buy after a basic set and they answer is that that is really dependent on you and the style of quilts you like to make.

Medallions would be lost on the types of quilts I do. But they might be awesome for someone who DOES do that type of thing. You make it look easy! Practice is key for anything that is reliant on muscle memory! Your hands should be the only thing moving the fabric. I never drop my feed dogs. I know there are many videos out there about doing it either way. With my feed dogs up, and hopping foot, I get much more uniform stitches. Leah Day was the person I first saw do this, many videosand it changed my life!

When the hopping foot rises, the feed dogs move to their highest position, when the foot comes down, the feed dogs are in their lowest point of rotation.

I can easily move in any direction. Try it on a scrap sandwich piece…it really is my favorite way to FMQ. This quilt along is exactly what I need. Is there an info sheet or do I just follow the videos? I have tried several times to download the pdf but it will not download completely. I get the picture and that is far as I get. I am really looking forward to quilting along with you.And the equipment is as good as advertised. We will come back to the site again" - Syd F, CA.

I will definitely shop with you again just because of that. I received my package very fast, will shop Allbrands again. Easy order processing with fast delivery. Keep up the good work! It's the best group ever, and thanks to you for all your hard work and efforts to keep it such! Please continue to have these classes for me and all the others that enjoy them" - Sharon.

I have enjoyed SewForum. I hate when I have to miss one. Regards" - Jackie. I know why I keep returning. Bernina Ruler Kit for sit down machines. Read More. Found a lower price? Let us know. Share your review of this product. Saved from quilterblogs. Ruler Kit for Sit Down Models. Bernina Sew Steady CHS Sew Steady CHS6pt8. Sew Steady CHS6ptIt then goes on to show you variations and possible free-motion embellishments.

So make sure you read down to the bottom of the post to find out how to enter! If you would like to see more quilting tutorials, please join me on my Facebook GroupQuilting with Amanda Murphy, and also keep an eye out for me here on WeAllSew!

The giveaway is open to residents of the 50 United States and the District of Columbia. One comment per fan. Comment must be submitted to the WeAllSew. Winner will be chosen randomly. Winner will be notified by email and will have 48 hours to contact to claim the prize. Thank you this quilt-a-long. It has really got me using my Bernina rulers.

BERNINA 770 QE Anniversary Edition: Quilters, join the gold rush!

I am quilting on a Bernina plus and so far love the orange peel design. I will use it often. I love the floral type designs for rulerwork like the daisy type one in area 9. I have always been in love with the clamshell design for some reason, it reminds me of the cottage shingles on a house by the shore where I can just spend hours watching the seasons pass through my picket fence.

bernina ruler set

I am excited to learn all of these — just recently retired and am enjoying having more time to play. At this point I think my favorite is 8. Thank you for the lessons and the chance to win your book! I really like this ruler work quilt along and so far my favorite is the cross hatch design. Using the Bernina rulers is fun! So glad to have this review of using the rulers. My favoRite so far as been the pebbles or just circles. Actually I will use all of them. Thank you for the lessons on ruler work!

I have had my rulers for a while and thought they were intimidating until now- the videos made it look like something I could try! My favorite design so far is the clamshells! Loving this quilt-along. Thanks so much for offering it.JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. Due to new safety procedures, shipping of orders may be delayed. Maximum 12 characters. Achieve a longarm quilting look on a tabletop sewing machine with the Westalee Ruler Foot and Template Set.

By using the templates and foot together, you'll have the feel of free-motion quilting, but with maximum precision.

bernina ruler set

Having an advanced longarm quilt look is now as simple as changing the presser foot. Without this information, we cannot proceed with your order. You will be contacted if there are questions. Thank you. The style of foot varies depending on your machine. Compatable with different machines in the market today. Please always indicated machine make and model so we can confirm we are sending you the correct foot.

Learn more about ruler foot size options. Westalee Ruler Foot and Template Set. Be the first to review this product. Shipping and Handling Information.

Enter your machine make and model. Enter your phone number for item questions Maximum 12 characters. Add to Cart. Add to Wish List Add to Compare.

BERNINA: Ruler Work on a Domestic Machine

Skip to the end of the images gallery. Skip to the beginning of the images gallery.JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. Bernina Sewing Machine. Bernina Adjustable Ruler Foot For Details and Pricing Please Call Add to Wish List Add to Compare.

SKU This foot allows you to sew along longarm quilting rulers to create decorative quilt designs such as lines, feathers, circles, etc. Skip to the end of the images gallery. Skip to the beginning of the images gallery. The height of the foot's sole makes it possible to quilt along all the edges of these rulers which is of utmost importance especially with circles. With this technique the feed dog is lowered and the fabric with the plexiglas ruler is guided manually with the base of the foot resting against the edge of the ruler.

Due to the adjustment dial the height of the foot can be adjusted to match the fabric thickness individually so that the fabric can be moved smoothly and without getting stuck. You have to turn off the pivot action on the Bernina machine, and you have to adjust the foot to the lowest position.

Markings on the presser foot help to produce accurate seams. The notch at the front of the ruler foot allows you to keep an eye on your work at all times.

The curved base of the foot glides smoothly over the fabric and allows the fabric to pass through evenly — for sewing and quilting results of the highest standard. More Information. Reviews 2. Quality 1 star 2 stars 3 stars 4 stars 5 stars. Overall Value 1 star 2 stars 3 stars 4 stars 5 stars. Performance 1 star 2 stars 3 stars 4 stars 5 stars. Price 1 star 2 stars 3 stars 4 stars 5 stars.

Ruler-work kit

Submit Review. We found other products you might like!Free-motion requires lots of practice and patience to perfect smooth curves and intricate designs. By using acrylic rulers alongside your presser foot at the machine, this technique still allows you to create completely customized quilting on your work but lets you use some tools to help bring your imagination to the fabric.

While rulerwork has the benefit of having extra help to get straight lines and clean curves, learning this technique still requires a unique skill set. The most beneficial tool for this technique is Adjustable Ruler Foot This presser foot was specifically designed for working with acrylic rulers.

This is much higher than a traditional free-motion foot to protect the needle from the ruler. It creates a sturdy edge to hold your ruler against without fear of the ruler slipping over the presser foot and breaking a needle. The other great feature of this foot is that it is height-adjustable.

bernina ruler set

You can use this as a warm-up when you first sit down to quilt or just make some swatches to go back and reference motifs, techniques, or batting. For more information about creating different quilting motifs with your rulers, check out this blog post by Susan Beck. Sample 1: Low loft cotton Prepare your first sample by making a small quilt sandwich.

Place your backing fabric right side down on a tabletop. On top of that, layer your cotton batting, then the quilt top right side up. Baste the three layers together with spray adhesive. Lower the feed dog on your machine. Attach Adjustable Ruler Foot 72 and lower the presser foot.

Turn the gold dial clockwise to lower the bottom edge of the foot. The bottom of the presser foot should just skim the surface of the quilt. Take three or four stitches in place to secure your thread. Now line up your first ruler I suggest a straight ruler as the most simple to practice with. Before you start stitching, notice the alignment of your ruler.

It may be tempting to align your ruler directly on the line you want to stitch just as you would for cutting for example, the seam in your piecing but you will need to break that habit for rulerwork. Start your quilting by simply stitching in the ditch around already pieced shapes or if stitching whole cloth, create some squares or triangles with your straight ruler.

Then, work on filling those segments with different motifs. Try radiating lines from points on a triangle, using your ruler for crisp straight lines. Quilt the rest of your block using the straight ruler and simple free-motion motifs like swirls or stippling.

Sample 2: High loft polyester Prepare your high loft sample the same way you did for the cotton. Sandwich the batting between your fabrics and baste with spray adhesive. Spray adhesive can be a little finicky to stick to polyester batting so if you need to, you can also add a few safety pins to baste securely. Place your quilt sandwich underneath the presser foot and lower the foot.

With this batting, and at the current height of the presser foot, the foot squishes down the batting quite a bit. Again, we want the bottom of the presser foot to just skim the surface of the quilt. Turn the gold dial on the presser foot counter-clockwise to bring it up a few millimeters.What do you get when you combine free-motion stitching with rulers? A beautiful style of quilting made up of precisely shaped patterns designed to fit the space you are quilting.

Straight and curved rulers are used in a variety of ways to form patterns such as diamonds, bricks and piano keys as well as clam shells, spirographs, and scalloped motifs. Originally a longarm technique, you can now do rulerwork quilting on your home sewing machine. The ruler is placed against the presser foot and the foot follows the edge as the needle stitches. The ruler is then repositioned, so the stitches form the desired patterns.

This post is loaded with free goodies! You get an eBook, a pattern, and loads of videos to show you exactly how to use Adjustable Ruler Foot 72 for beautiful quilting techniques.

It walks you through the ruler quilting process including terminology, machine setup, preparation and tools, and includes table runner instructions so you can practice.

The rest of the goodies are at the end of the post, so keep reading! There is a special presser foot for rulerwork. Foot 72 has a height adjustment dial so you may adjust it to accommodate different thicknesses of batting. The sole should sit just above the surface of the quilt, leaving enough room to move the fabric under it. Typical rotary cutting rulers are not acceptable for this type of quilting technique because they may easily slide under the foot, causing a broken needle and the possibility of machine damage.

BERNINA has two ruler sets that offer a variety of templates for stitching straight lines, curves and shapes in multiple sizes. Rulerwork requires a similar machine set-up as for any free-motion quilting: Straight stitch, Center needle position, Straight stitch needle plate, and the Needle down function engaged.

Ruler Kit for Sit-Down Models

You will also need Adjustable Ruler Foot 72, rulerwork rulers to stitch the patterns of your choice and your prepared quilt or fabric more about that later. Each pattern stitched on a quilt has guidelines and specific points that need to be marked on the fabric. Use a water-soluble marker because all of the markings will be removed after the stitching is complete.

Make a quilt sandwich of your top and backing with batting between them, using your favorite method of basting. To start stitching rulerwork, place the fabric under the needle and lower the foot. Before starting to stitch, pull the bobbin thread up to the top of the fabric and take a few small stitches to secure the thread.

Slide the edge of the ruler up to the foot. Move the fabric to sew along the edge of the ruler. Hold the ruler with your fingertips, applying enough pressure to gently guide the fabric.

When near the end, stop the machine.

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